Russell Hobbs mini fridge: features and costs

The Russell Hobbs mini fridge represents a very popular choice especially for three specific advantages: energy saving, silence and design.
We will describe in the course of the article all these strengths and you will also be able to evaluate the prices of the models of this brand (obviously only the costs of the refrigerators still available today).

Russell Hobbs mini fridge: model prices

There is currently only one Russell Hobbs mini fridge available, so we can only show you the price of this single model. If you also want to find out the specific features of the same and the opinions provided by those who have already purchased it, then all you have to do is click on the link below “Discover the offer”.

Russell Hobbs mini fridge: the features

At the beginning of the article, we specified how the strengths of the Russell Hobbs mini fridge can be attributed to three specific factors. Now we’re going to evaluate them in more detail.
As far as energy saving is concerned, we can immediately state how these refrigerators are part of the energy class A. Consequently, they are products with lower energy consumption than those of a lower class (even today there are mini-fridges of class B on the market). And that’s not all, because some models are even more energy efficient, as they belong to energy class A+[this is one of the models in that category].

We also initially talked about silence. This is often a point against. So much so that mini electric refrigerators often can not be installed in the bedroom, if not they would disturb your sleep. In the case of small Russell refrigerators we do not notice these serious flaws thanks to a really low noise level. In some refrigerators the noise level is only 38 db. So, silence is really assured.
Third point: the design.
Aesthetically, the Russell Hobbs mini-fridges have a really nice design and, above all, a compact structure, durable and with adjustable feet. Inside we find one or more shelves (this obviously depends on the model you choose to buy) which are however removable. You can remove them and place them at different heights.

Carefully choose the Russell Hobbs fridge that is right for you, carefully evaluating not so much the external dimensions as the internal ones. Because even if you remove the internal shelf, some models aren’t tall enough to fit a 2-litre bottle upright. And some do not even have the right depth to place horizontally 1.5 liter bottles (which in that case you have to put at an angle). Another feature that we want to point out is that relating to the possibility of being able to adjust the temperature inside the fridge. Useful to cool the various foods according to the actual needs avoiding too strong or too weak temperatures.

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