Severin KB 2922: dual-function mini fridge

Do you need a mini fridge that is not only suitable for cooling food and drinks, but can also heat?

If the mini fridge could also be used to heat, it would not only be useful for the summer seasons, but we could also use it in the colder seasons. This is what the Severin KB 2922 allows you to do. It adequately cools the food that is placed inside (better if the drinks come from a refrigerator, so they are already a bit ‘cold) or heats them since inside can get up to a maximum temperature of 60 °. Of course, even this figure makes us realize that we are certainly not faced with a small oven, but keep warm / hot dishes with this mini fridge is more than feasible.

Severin KB 2922

Severin KB 2922

  • Severin KB 2922 Electric cooling box with cooling and heating function – 19 Litres, 230 V / 12 V DC [Energy Class A ++].
  • Thermoelectric 19-litre portable refrigerator, great for cooling and heating
  • Cools down to 20°C below room temperature; can also keep food warm up to 60°C
  • Includes mains connection and additional 12 V connection cable for cigarette lighter

Severin KB 2922 mini fridge: More benefits with Eco!

We can’t call the Severin KB 2922 a silent mini fridge, but it’s not too noisy either. However, in the long run the noise (especially to the most sensitive) can be annoying. When this happens we will not be able to do anything but put up with the little noise (if not, you have to disconnect the fridge from the power source). No, instead, with the Severin KB 2922 that allows you to activate the Eco mode. Through this function the mini fridge becomes absolutely silent and, in addition, would go to consume even less(only 8 w).

Among other things on the consumption front there is to be more than reassured even without the activation of Eco mode, since the refrigerator is part of the energy class A + + and boasts an annual consumption estimated at 70 kwh.
Described the Eco mode and also talked about the energy class, we pass now to all other features that distinguish this mini fridge Severin.

  • Practical handle: facilitates the transport of the mini fridge.
  • Dual connection: the Severin KB 2922 can be connected to both a 220 volt and a 12 volt power source (so the connection with the car cigarette lighter would be fine).
  • Container volume: up to 20 litres.
  • Removable lid.
  • Dimensions: 42 cm (height) – 40 cm (width) – 28.5 (depth).
  • Suitable for 1.5 litre bottles: classic one and a half litre water bottles do not fit vertically, but must be placed at an angle (so 2 litre bottles fit as well). At most, vertically, it is possible to insert a single 1.5-liter bottle in correspondence of an internal area of the lid more elevated because of a notch.

Severin KB 2922: price and why you should choose it!

Why do you prefer the Severin KB 2922 to other mini fridges?

Well, for us the answer simply has to be found in two features that are not easy, in turn, to find in other products of the genre, namely: cooling/heating and Eco mode. With the first feature you can use the portable fridge for two purposes instead of one, while with the second feature you can make the fridge absolutely silent. It already consumes very little, but with Eco it consumes less.
For all these reasons we consider the price of the Severin KB 2922[visible here] really “attractive”.

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