Severin KS 9827: the class A+ mini fridge

The mini fridge we are going to talk about on this page is the Severin KS 9827. A refrigerator with low electricity consumption, in fact it belongs to the A+ economy class.
Of course, A+ class appliances usually don’t come cheap, but in this case though you’ll be further amazed by thegreat value for money. Cost of the Severin KS9827 Minifridge you’ll get to pay attention to right away.

Severin KS 9827 Minifrigo, A+, 110 kWh/Anno, 47 litri

Severin KS 9827 Minifridge, A+, 110 kWh/year, 47 litres

  • Gross capacity 48 litres, net capacity 42 litres; 6 litre freezer compartment
  • Class A+: low consumption (99 kWh/year) and highly insulated seals
  • Immediate cooling: thanks to the powerful compressor, a high cooling performance is obtained
  • Pleasantly silent: its noise is almost imperceptible to the human ear
  • Reversible door
  • Adjustable feet and adjustable temperature

Severin KS9827: class is not water!

We anticipated it before, the Severin KS 9827 mini fridge is a classy appliance. Using football jargon, we could define it as the Maradona of small refrigerators. But returning to the topic of “savings”, we point out that the annual consumption is only 107 kw/h. This demonstrates how it will not be a product that will affect the electricity bill.
We are talking about a mini fridge with compact dimensions, in short, the overall dimensions will be contained since it measures 52.5 x 44 x 49 cm. With the door open it measures 89 cm.
By the way, since we have just talked about the door, we point out that the latter is reversible. So, you can decide if the opening should be on the right or on the left. Perhaps, you want to put it next to the bed and you need the opening on the right, rather than on the left, in order to prevent it from banging against the furniture.
These are just a few of the features of the Severin KS 9827 refrigerator and if you want to find out all the others, please read the list prepared below.

  • Mini fridge equipped with a compressor: this allows your small fridge to reach lower temperatures but also to cool down faster. Usually, the problem with these compressors is that they make the fridge annoying. In this case, this will not be the case. Thanks to the insulating material, the noise has been attenuated a lot.
  • Noise level of only 43 db: this makes the Severin KS 9827 mini fridge not noisy and also suitable for installation in the bedroom (although here you should always assess the protio level of tolerance to even the slightest noise).
  • Total capacity of 47 liters: we are talking about a gross value since, as regards only the refrigerator department, the actual capacity is 36 liters.
  • Freezer compartment of 6 liters.
  • Removable grill: so you can optimize the space inside the Severin refrigerator in order to put in 2-liter bottles.
  • Adjustable cooling temperature.
  • Included: an ice cube tray and also a two-litre bottle holder.

Severin KS 9827 fridge: the savings are also in the price!

Why would you recommend buying the Severin KS 9827 mini fridge and not another 42 litre cooler?

Because the Severin KS 9827 is an A+ class electric mini fridge that (considering all the features we’ve described) boasts a low price. It’s hard to find small 42-litre A+ class refrigerators (with freezer) that are so reasonably priced[review the price here and also find out if the cooler is available].
We specify that this is not a portable model. You can plug it into a 12v socket, but only if you buy the electronic inverter unit.

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