Severin KS 9838: has a compressor but is not a noisy fridge

Would you like to buy an electric mini fridge with compressor, but you’re afraid it might be too noisy?

Even more so if you plan to put it in your bedroom, do you really want to avoid having to spend your nights fighting with the noise of the fridge?

We understand you and so does the Severin KS 9838 mini fridge. Despite being a compressor refrigerator, in spite of its “colleagues”, it is not noisy. In fact, its sound power is around 42 db. So, a level suitable for use even in the bedroom.

Severin KS 9838

Severin KS 9838

  • Capacity: 42 l
  • Small integrated 6 l freezer
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Estimated annual consumption of 84 kWh/year
  • Energy efficiency class: A++

Severin KS9838: 2-litre bottles? They fit!

It happens that you buy a mini fridge only to find that two-litre bottles don’t fit even horizontally. And maybe we also find that it does not fit even a 2 liter bottle vertically in what is considered the bottle compartment (located on the inside of the door). In short, there is a serious risk that either you send back the cooler or that you are satisfied and put only one liter or one and a half liter bottles inside. Not in this case, however, since the 2-liter bottles in the shelves of the cooler fit horizontally and a 2-liter bottle also fits vertically in the compartment inside the door.
On the bottle rack we must add that it is a bit ‘unstable, it is not very “firm”, so when you open the refrigerator you have to do it with caution. All the more so if the compartment is overflowing.
And what other advantages does the Severin KS 9838 offer?
Let’s find out all the other features below:

  • Low energy consumption: class A++ (estimated consumption of 84 kWh/year).
  • 6-litre freezer compartment: two small sippy cups and two cans fit inside, for example.
  • Total internal capacity of 42 litres.
  • Thermostat to regulate the internal cooling.
  • Adjustable feet.
  • Product dimensions: 510 x 439 x 470 mm (H x W x D).
  • Reversible right-hand opening door: so you can also opt for a left-hand opening.
  • Accessories included: tray and ice cube mould.

Severin KS 9838 mini fridge: opinions

What are the strengths of the Severin KS 9838 compared to other 42 liter mini fridge? Why do you prefer this model to others?

Because it is a silent mini fridge with compressor, which can be easily installed even in the bedroom. And not only that, it doesn’t even consume that much, given that it’s an A++ class appliance (minus the A++ class, we’re at the highest level of energy saving). In addition, inside it fits 2-liter bottles both horizontally and vertically (in this case only in the appropriate compartment).
The only note a bit ‘out of tune is the not perfect stability of the bottle compartment, so we recommend, if overflowing, to open the door very carefully.
Mini electric fridge by Severin that has certainly convinced us, but not only us. In fact, if you click on this link you can also read the other opinions of those who have already purchased the product.

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