Severin mini fridge: the most popular refrigerators

Severin, the “easy” brand, for all those who love easy-to-use and high-performance appliances for their home. This is precisely the case of the Severin mini fridge. An excellent product from all points of view and with many features that, if you have the desire and curiosity to continue reading, you will be able to discover.
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So, we just have to move on to the next paragraphs and discover everything there is to know about the Severin mini fridge. And you can discover the best models as well.

The best Severin mini refrigerators

What are the best Severin mini fridges?
If you’re really looking for them, then you’ve just found them.
We have selected the best Severin mini fridges. Ours was a search based on the only real factor that could help us help you. Surely there is the usual factor that unites a little bit of everyone, that is; the money saving friend. We have evaluated just that, and we have selected the mini fridges with the best value for money.
In addition to the prices you can also read a review:

  • Severin KS 9827

Severin mini fixed electric fridge: features

The Severin stationary electric mini fridge is not suitable for carrying around. It finds the right fit in your home or office. In some models, it is possible to take advantage of the freezer, so that you can put frozen products in the appropriate compartment.

Like normal fridges, the Severin mini fridge is also equipped with a compressor, so you can reach lower temperatures and for even more optimal conservation. Despite being equipped with a compressor, the noise is not as deafening as you might think, it comes to 43 decibels. A very low noise level indeed and one that shouldn’t bother you at night. Unless even the smallest little noise, can disturb your sleep. At that point, even Severin raises the white flag.

The refrigeration power of Severin’s electric mini fridges is adjustable, as well as the support grid that can be either removed and placed a little higher or lower. Additionally, we point out that the door is reversible, which means you’ll be able to decide whether the opening should be on the right or perhaps on the left.

Severin portable refrigerator: features

Unlike stationary electric refrigerators, Severin portable refrigerators can be carried with you. Not only because they boast a design that makes them suitable for transport(thanks to the special handle) but also because they can be connected to the car’s cigarette lighter. And models like the Severin KB 2922 can also be plugged into your home socket.
Products that are also suitable for heating food, and there’s even the option to activate Eco mode to consume less electricity (this is when you plug the cooler into your home socket).

Severin: who is it?

Let’s start by saying that Severin was not born yesterday, but more than one hundred years ago.
The founder was Anton Severin, who founded his foundry in 1892, in the town of Sundem (Germany). With the arrival of his son Anton Severin Junior, the company began to expand and the best-selling product, in 1921, was the curtain rod.
The years passed and from 30 employees, it grew to 400 in 1976. Sixteen years later, the number of employees increased to 600.
The success of this company group does not stop, after establishing new branches in France, Sweden, the Netherlands and Spain, in 2000 the first branch in Italy appears. Six years later, it was Poland’s turn. In 2011, the slogan, which you can see above, was born. “Welcome home“.
Severin has been a solid and reliable reality for quite a few years.

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