Smallest fridge: the complete and updated guide

Is there such a thing as a very small fridge, in a mini format but still reliable, low consumption and practical for storing food and drinks? The answer is absolutely yes, and in this guide you’ll find a selection of the best mini fridges selected for you, as well as lots of advice and suggestions for buying one. If you’re looking for a small fridge, maybe you’ve decided to set up a space-saving refreshment area in your office, or you might need one for an accommodation facility, a boat or a wine cellar. In fact, the mini-fridge is often purchased as a strategic appliance in the office or as a small wine cellar.

Everything you need to know before buying a mini fridge

In general, mini-fridges are also very economical since the price of this type of appliance is generally influenced by its capacity. In fact, for home or restaurant kitchens, fridges need to be capacious and energy efficient and, therefore, the larger the size, the higher the price. Mini-fridges, on the other hand, are slightly different.

It’s no coincidence that a powerful and compact mini fridge can cost as much as an average-sized kitchen fridge, suitable for a family of three. That’s why we’re going to explain which technical features you should look at carefully before finalizing your purchase.

These include power, capacity, compartmentalisation and design. Let’s take a look at each of these features one by one, along with a few tips to help you navigate through the complicated technical specifications that normally only insiders can understand.

People usually look for or buy a mini fridge for camping as well, since in many equipped areas it is possible to connect to power sockets. You might also find it useful during an outdoor party, to accompany the barbecue with lots of good cold beers!

Finally, if you live in a shared apartment, the mini fridge in your room could be the ideal appliance to have snacks and drinks always available.

Size and capacity are not the same thing!

When you read the technical specifications of any mini fridge you will find that the size and capacity are quite distinct from each other. The first characteristic is indicated by three numbers separated by an X like the following:

45 x 47 x 38 where 45 indicates the length, 47 indicates the width and finally 38 indicates the height. When the unit of measurement is not indicated, it is understood that the number indicated refers to centimeters. Therefore, a very small fridge such as the one in the example will have the following dimensions:

  • 18 inches long;
  • 47 centimetres wide;
  • 38 centimeters in height.

The capacity, on the other hand, is expressed in liters and is directly related to the dimensions. For example, you might find a very small fridge with dimensions of 45 x 45 x 51 but with a capacity of 47 litres, while there might be another smaller fridge with a greater capacity. Let’s say that the size gives you an idea of the overall dimensions of the mini-fridge while the capacity tells you how spacious it is inside. The capacity depends not only on the internal space available but also on the subdivision of the various compartments.

In general, the capacity of a mini-fridge ranges from fifteen to fifty litres, so you’ll have to choose according to your specific use. The most compact ones are ideal for holidays, since they are easy to transport. On the contrary, the larger ones, but still compact, are suitable for the office or for professional use in hotels, B&Bs and the like.

Mini-fridges do not generally have an internal compartmentalisation, although those with 40 litres include a compartment for eggs and 1.5 litre bottles and a small central shelf. The most equipped ones are also equipped with a mini-freezer, a compartment ideal for ice creams or to always have ice at hand.

Power and consumption

A mini fridge can have a power rating of between 30 and 75 Watts and its cooling capacity and energy consumption depend on this value. Usually, mini-fridges work with two very different technologies so the higher quality ones have a compressor like the big fridges while the cheaper ones work with refrigeration cells. Finally, another value you’ll find among the technical specifications is the noise level expressed in decibels. Generally speaking, a discreet and not annoying fridge has a noise level of 45 Db.

How important is aesthetics?

If you are looking for a very small fridge for your office, or to introduce a small refreshment area for a break from work, the design will not be as fundamental as it is for hospitality facilities or hotels of a certain prestige. The most recent models on the market are almost all very aesthetically pleasing, so we suggest you consider design as an “accessory” quality, but always give priority to the features we have talked about above.

What do you need to know before buying a tiny fridge?

If you take a look at online reviews you’ll quickly realize that many customers always complain about the same issue: the fridge doesn’t cool. How come? In some cases it’s a factory def ect or a fault but for which the company usually refunds the customer after the purchase. In other cases, however, this problem is due to improper use of the mini fridge that is overfilled and, therefore, overloaded. If there is not enough space for the cold air to pass between drinks and food, in fact, the fridge will struggle to cool completely and will consume much more electricity.

In these cases we find ourselves in front of customers who have not taken into account the dimensions of the mini-fridge because we are talking about very small appliances. Their capacity is less than a third of that of traditional fridges , so we would advise against buying one if you want to use it for your beach house or to try and store your weekly shopping.

The precautions for keeping it healthy for a long time, therefore, are the same as for a normal-sized refrigerator: carry out periodic cleaning, remove the sheets of ice on the edges and avoid leaving the door open for too long. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and heat sources and, when you have to turn it off for a long period of time, make sure you have defrosted and cleaned it thoroughly.

Costs and value for money

How much could a very small fridge cost? It depends! In fact, you can find models that cost a few tens of euros and models that cost almost two hundred euros. The price, as we have already mentioned, will depend on the capacity, the power and the presence of compartments and extra features. When making your choice, we suggest you don’t just look at the cost, but think in terms of value for money, taking a look at the selection of models we’ve reviewed for you below. We’ve sorted them by size and capacity so you can find the smallest fridge that suits you best!

Kealive Mini Fridge: the smallest fridge ever!

  • 15L Mini Fridge : ideal for home, car, office or camping, enough to hold 21/310ml bottles. To remove the shelf, you can put some 750ml red wine bottles or others.
  • 5-8 ° C Small Refrigerator: 5-8 ° C is the best temperature to store various essences. The removable shelf makes small items such as skin care, cosmetics easy to separate, the best gift for women and girls.
  • Energy Class A++: 100% freon-free and environmentally friendly; approved with advanced safety technology, 61kWh / cancel, it is the star of energy saving in small two-in-one refrigerator.
  • Cool and Hot: The advanced thermoelectric system can cool down to 5-8°C or heat up to 65°C. Keep beverages cold or food warm at the flick of a switch.
  • Portable 12v 220v Fridge: Two plugs are included for both standard wall outlets and 12V cigarette lighters in vehicles, you can use Beauty Fridge at home and outdoors.

Kealive’s proposal is absolutely the most compact one you can find on the market. In fact, this fridge is really small since its dimensions are 26. 5 x 26.5 x 39 cm for only fifteen liters of capacity. It comes in black with a matte finish and is ultra-compact.

It is a very small fridge suitable for home, office, camping or garden parties because it holds mini cans and 750 ml bottles of wine. The ideal storage temperature is between five and eight degrees centigrade for optimised energy consumption thanks to the A++ class. It is an ecological mini-fridge that consumes 61Kwh but is also equipped with the hot food preservation function, reversing the function via the practical switch. Finally, it comes with a standard and 21V cigarette lighter socket so you can use it both indoors and outdoors without worrying about the power supply.

What do the people who bought it think? As always, opinions are very divided. There’s a minority who think the fridge doesn’t cool while a majority of customers think it’s absolutely a good choice. Who is right? Definitely both. Let’s say that as a quality/price ratio we are definitely in line with the market average but, given the capacity, you should know that you won’t be able to fill it with who knows what quantities of food or drinks. If you use it properly, in fact, you will benefit from a silent, discreet and powerful motor. On the contrary, if you overfill it and constantly open the door, this mini-fridge will take a long time to cool down what you have stored inside.

Bakaji – Great capacity in a small space

Bakaji is an ultra-compact mini fridge in glossy grey. The ultra-small dimensions of just 43 centimetres in length and only 41 centimetres in depth offer a capacity of thirty-six litres, more than double the capacity of the model above.

Thanks to its small size can be placed almost anywhere and is also practical inside because it is organized with four shelves, light, temperature control and removable grill for easy cleaning. A lot of food and drinks can fit inside, so Bakaji is by far the best compromise between capacity and compactness.

While it’s the smallest and roomiest fridge you’ll find, there are also some small flaws that we recommend you think about. First of all, consider that the energy class is B, so the energy consumption is not the best. In addition, some customers have had some problems with the shipment or with the company in charge, since there are many who have reported having received this tiny fridge all dented. Despite this, the company is always ready to make an exchange or a refund so, if you buy on Amazon, you will always have the guarantee to go on the safe side.

PremierTech: many sizes for all needs

  • Mini Fridge Mini Bar Fridge Mini Hotel Fridge Mini Fridge A++
  • mini fridge
  • mini fridge
  • mini fridge hotel
  • office fridge

If we had to describe this fridge in one word we would say it is perfect. The measures do not exceed forty-five centimeters in width and depth while the capacity reaches even 47 liters. It’s matte black in colour, smooth and elegant and has an A++ energy rating, so it’s also ideal for keeping an eye on electricity consumption. This is the classic hotel fridge precisely because it allows you to store snacks and drinks while benefiting from the strong cooling power and lower energy consumption. Another point in its favour is the possibility to choose from seven different sizes starting from 47 litres up to 113.

It is an elegant and functional refrigerator, practical to use and also to customize since the door hinge can be reversed. It is no noisier than any other fridge and allows you to determine the internal temperature through the adjustable thermostat. A real bargain!

MaxxHome: the smallest and most organized fridge

  • ECOLOGICAL: The MaxxHome mini fridge keeps snacks and drinks at a low temperature without making a sound. It is equipped with an ecoexcellence eco-sustainable operating system to do its job in respect of the environment.
  • FAST: Refrigeration-based cooling allows you to reach low temperatures with little waste. It can hold drinks or food on TWO LEVELS and the extra-large compartment can hold bottles up to 2l.
  • QUIET: Thanks to its low noise level and small size, the small Scooby fridge can easily do its job of cooling drinks and storing food where silence is important: in hotel rooms or the basement of the house.
  • SMALL: The MaxxHome refrigerator cools drinks to ideal temperatures and its compact size makes it suitable for any use.
  • SMART: The refrigeration expert: the intelligent MaxxHome mini fridge keeps drinks and snacks at pleasantly cool temperatures, in an energy-efficient and space-saving way.

This model is very similar to its predecessor, although it is slightly smaller and therefore slightly less capacious. However, we’re still talking about 42 litres of capacity, thanks to which you can keep your snacks and drinks fresh without having to put up with noisy engines or excessive energy consumption. It’s a clever little fridge divided into two levels and suitable for holding even two-litre bottles. Users point out that the width of the fridge is incorrect as it is 43 centimetres, not 41. This information is important if you want to fit it into a cabinet and need precise measurements.

Among the opinions of customers there are no major flaws except for some misunderstandings with shipments that, however, do not affect the overall quality of this mini-fridge. All in all, it’s a good choice that won’t disappoint.

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