Table-top refrigerator: guide to buying the right one

The main feature of the table fridge?
Simple, you can put it anywhere you want. You can place it, for example, under a desk in your office and make it invisible to your clients. Clearly visible to you though, so you can take a break and have a refreshing drink.
If the fridge is really small, you can also place it on top of your desk. In any case, between above and below, only the positioning and not the usefulness of the small cooler changes.
There are both coolers that must be connected to the power socket and others that do not need any connection, you just need to put some ice inside (the latter, however, keep cool for less time).
Which one do you choose? Electric or not?
If you’re undecided, we’ll help you choose the right model for you by providing offers, reviews of the best models and helping you with our guide on the features to look out for.

Mini fridge: reviews of recommended models

In this paragraph we’ll provide you with links to some of the under-table fridges we recommend you buy. To “help” you read the review that best suits your needs, we’ve provided some information that will let you know what type of fridge it is.
Here are the links and mini descriptions:

  • Klarstein Bella Tavern (4 litre mini electric fridge).
  • Mobicool F16 (16 litre electric mini fridge).
  • Tristar WR 7508 (wine cooler with 21 liters).
  • Severin KS 9827 (42 litre electric mini fridge).
  • Candy CFO 050 E (43 litres electric mini fridge).
  • Klarstein Barolo (48 litres mini fridge for wine).
  • Comfee HS65LN1WH (50-litre electric mini fridge).

Under-table refrigerator: features to watch out for

The first advantage of the mini table fridge is the convenience of always having a drink or fresh food at hand. A utility offered by all refrigerators on the market, but not all have the same characteristics. These should be evaluated to avoid making a purchase not satisfactory. So let’s evaluate together which features to pay attention to when choosing an under-table refrigerator.

Table height and fridge height!

This is the first parameter to be evaluated. Considering that this type of refrigerator is usually purchased to put it under a table, it is necessary to evaluate the height between the floor and the table. In this way you can understand if the cooler can fit in this space.
This is a parameter that we all already know that we must evaluate, but we wanted to mention it because sometimes you can underestimate this “detail” thinking: “Well, it fits”. Only to go home and see that it doesn’t fit at all. Therefore, wasting a few seconds taking measurements and finding out the height of the fridge can only be useful.

How large should it be?

The size of the table fridge also depends on this information. The larger it is, the more space it takes up under the desk. However, it is also true that the smaller it is, the fewer things you can put inside it. In short, a real dilemma that can be easily solved, just consider the use.
Personal use for an entire working day?
Then a 4 litre mini fridge is enough. For collective use 4 litres is not enough.

Electric mini fridge or not?

Again, the answer depends on your needs. With the electric fridge your fresh morning drink stays fresh in the evening, with the non-electric portable fridge the risk of that drink not arriving fresh at the end of the day is very high (although in that case there are more factors that affect the possibility of the drink becoming hot at the end of the day).

Freezer or just a small compartment for ice cubes?

Even the tabletop fridge doesn’t forgo the freezer. Of course, you have to pay attention to how much you really need. The mini fridge with freezer allows you to bring in frozen food, so it offers an extra utility, but before buying it you should consider: do I really need it?
If you just need to put ice cubes in it, know that rather than buying a fridge with a large freezer section, you’ll just have to buy one that has a small ice compartment (as in the case of the Ardes ar5i67 cooler).

Make more space, remove the shelf!

By now all modern models of mini fridge are equipped with a removable shelf, but to be sure always check that this feature is expressly written.
Why is the removable shelf so important?
For a simple reason of space.
Do you want to put a bottle of considerable size? Doesn’tit fit?
No problem, just remove the shelf to make it fit. It doesn’t mean you have to remove it completely. Just like a normal refrigerator, you can place your shelf higher or lower to leave room for the bottle below and some small cans above.

Adjustable power, temperature and dual function!

The power of a mini tabletop fridge can be adjusted to your liking, so you can set the right temperature for your drinks. If you lower the temperature that much, then your mini tabletop fridge will be a bit louder and consume more. Conversely, if you raise the temperature, then lower the power, you’ll have less noise and lower energy consumption.
Speaking of low power consumption. It’s best to opt for a small refrigerator that has a savings class no lower than A. In addition, thanks to the dual hot-cold function, you can also put food to be heated inside.

Compressor: yes or no?

The compressor allows you to significantly lower the temperature inside your small fridge. This is a positive aspect but, at the same time, a negative one, because there will be more noise in the environment. So consider carefully whether you should have this extra element in your mini fridge in relation to its location: for example, we do not recommend it if you want to buy a mini fridge for the office (peace of mind comes first when working). To be fair, the most modern models are lined with insulating material that attenuates noise, but this is not enough to make these mini fridges truly silent.

You decide which way the door opens!

This is not a common feature for all mini fridges. Let’s get right to it. These models are equipped with a special hinge that allows you to mount the door either on the right or on the left, so you decide which way your table fridge should open.
For example: put it on the left side of your desk. Right next to the wooden “feet”. In this case, to prevent it from banging on wood, you could opt for an opening on the opposite side.

Table top fridge: prices

Well, we have reached the end of this article. Hoping you found the information you read above useful, we can now move on to the economic side of the under-table fridge. If you click on this link you can find out, meanwhile, the price of one of the most popular models on the market.

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