Telefunken GN1101: total capacity of 81 litres

Are you looking for a capacious mini fridge?

That has a special side compartment to put a one and a half liter bottle or more half liter bottles?

Then you will certainly be more than satisfied with the Telefunken GN1101 since when you open the door there is a special bottle holder where you can put just one and a half litre bottle (no bigger) or more bottles of smaller capacity. Ideal appliance to be used both at home as a second refrigerator or in the shop or office. It is not a built-in model.
We also specify that the one and a half liter bottle fits only in the special compartment.

Telefunken GN1101

Telefunken GN1101

  • Total net capacity of 81 litres: 73 litres for the fridge, 8 litres for the freezer.
  • Height 85 cm, width 50 cm and depth (including handle) 58 cm

Telefunken GN1101 refrigerator: it is also silent

Used to some fridges that sound like they’re grinding something because of the unbearable noise they make?

Would you like to put the mini fridge in your bedroom but, of course, you wouldn’t like such noise because you wouldn’t be able to sleep or even relax watching a movie?

Well, another of the advantages of the Telefunken GN1101 mini fridge is that it is quiet. It has a noise level of 41 db. So, pretty low. And that allows you to put it even in your bedroom without it being annoying. And you don’t have to turn up the volume on the TV to drown out the noise of the small fridge.

By the way, if you feel the need to take something out of the fridge at night, there’s no need to turn on the room light and wake up your partner. Just open the Telefunken GN1101, which already has a bright internal light.
These are just some of the features to discover about the Telefunken mini fridge, for all the others read this list below:

  • Freezer with ice cream tray: you have at your disposal not only the fridge department (73 litres capacity) but also a freezer (8 litres capacity).
  • Dimensions of the mini fridge: height 85 cm, depth 58 cm (measurement including the handle) and width 50 cm.
  • Energy class A+: average consumption of 121 kwh per year.
  • Reversible hinges: so you can change the door opening, to adapt it to your space needs.

Telefunken GN1101 Mini Fridge: price and reviews

We conclude our review with a final question and an appropriate answer:
“Why should you buy and prefer, therefore, the Telefunken GN1101 mini fridge to other models?”
We recommend it essentially for two reasons: the low noise (only 41 db) and the excellent capacity of 81 liters total (in this figure must be considered the 8 liters that belong to the freezer department).
For us it represents an excellent choice both as a second home fridge and as a fridge to have in the shop or office. Or why not, even take it camping.
Our positive opinion is also endorsed by users who have already bought it[see ratings here].

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