Telefunken mini fridge: discover its strengths and models

Another brand which, as far as mini fridges are concerned, offers a certain security is Telefunken. As we will see in the course of this article, the Telefunken mini fridge is appreciated for its adequate silence, excellent capacity, low consumption and many other features.
Immediately in the next paragraph you can find out what are the best models of the brand.

Telefunken mini fridge: prices of the best models

What are the best Telefunken mini fridges?

A rather obvious choice since at the moment there is only one, but appreciated, Telefunken mini fridge available. So, should you want to know all about this specific product, all you have to do is click on the “Discover the offer” link pictured below or maybe read our review.

  • Telefunken GN1101

Telefunken Fridge: the features

After a first introduction where you could already see the price of the best mini fridge Telefunken, we now describe the features you can enjoy.
Have you already had thechance to have another small fridge that you may have used in your bedroom?
Have you already noticed how, usually, these appliances are quite noisy?
Well, this is already a very first disadvantage that you won’t have with the Telefunken mini fridge. In fact, by opting for the best model the noise will not be so annoying. The noise level is 41 db. As a result, unless you are a very light sleeper and you are bothered by even the smallest of noises, the mini fridge can be placed even in the bedroom.
Considering that we’re talking about a fridge with a compressor, we can only be satisfied with such a low noise level.

To report also the good capacity of the refrigerator department. Depending on the model chosen, you can opt for really large appliances that allow you to put several bottles of water inside (even 1.5 liters). Also available is the freezer with a special tray for ice cream. And when you open the refrigerator you will be able to see what’s inside even if it’s the middle of the night and we haven’t turned on the room’s chandelier. This is because the appliance itself has an internal light.

On the consumption front, you can rest assured, given that we are talking about appliances of energy class A+, while among the other features we mention that the door is reversible, so you can change the side of the opening so as to adapt it to your needs.

Telefunken Mini Fridge: prices and reviews

What do we think about the Telefunken mini fridge?

That it’s an appliance made by a brand that’s more than reliable (but it also proves it with other products, since it’s a rather renowned brand). In addition, with the Telefunken mini fridge you have the possibility of using a model with a compressor but not too noisy and capacious enough.
Positive judgement also on the economic front[as you can evaluate for yourself here].

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