The best mini fridge: choose the best for you

Are you looking for the best mini fridges?
Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you’ll be able to find out which are the best mini refrigerators, whether you’re looking for it for personal use or for collective use (maybe just to spend a nice holiday with the whole family or friends).

We’ve broken down the various coolers according to certain features, so it’ll be easier to find the right model for your needs.

Best mini fridge for personal use

For personal use (but also for minimal sharing) the best mini fridge we have chosen is the Ardes ARTK44A. The capacity is 6 litres (so up to 8 cans or maybe 4 0.5 l bottles of water can fit perfectly). A model that boasts a dual power supply, both with a 12v cable and a 220v cable. And once the power supply is disconnected, it is able to keep drinks cold for up to two hours.
To find out more we invite you to read the review by clicking on Ardes ARTK44A. Alternatively you can already arrange to view the price by clicking here.

Best 15 litre mini fridge

Among the mini fridges that can be used for more collective uses we mention Mobicool F16, Absolutely one of the most popular models on the market.
Because it boasts the Eco function, so at night it will not only be silent, but will consume significantly less. Also, the door is reversible so you can mount it either right or left opening. It also boasts a good level of cooling (-20°C).
What has certainly convinced many to buy it is above all theexcellent value for money offered. And if you want to find out how much it costs and evaluate this last parameter yourself, click here. If you want to read the review, follow us at Mobicool F16 page.

Best mini fridge for families

If you need to buy a mini fridge with a consistent capacity, we recommend Melchioni Family 118700215. Capacity of 48 litres. Equipped with an internal light so you won’t have to turn on the room light to see the contents inside the fridge. Thanks to the thermostat you can also adjust the temperature and does not even consume much, since it belongs to the energy class A.
To learn more we invite you to read the review by clicking on Melchioni Family 118700215.

Best mini fridge with freezer

For typical family use or perhaps for a group of friends and colleagues, the ideal mini fridge freezer is the Severin KS 9827. It boasts a capacity of a whopping 42 litres and is an A+ class model, so it’s convenient not only because of the price, but also because it consumes little. In addition, we are talking about a model equipped with a compressor is this allows it to reach lower temperatures.

Best mini fridge for cars

Safety is important, even Mobicool T08 DC knows this, which allows you to place it even in the passenger seat by fastening the belt. So there will be no danger of it falling out at the first braking. In addition, it can also be used at home because it boasts the dual power supply, both from 12 v and 220 v. It has a maximum capacity of 8 litres and as well as cooling it also heats. And it never ceases to amaze because we can already anticipate that it doesn’t even cost that much and you can find out the price right here.

Best Wine Cellar Cooler

The best wine cooler is the Tristar WR 7508. A choice that we can “justify” if only by the fact that this product minimizes vibrations. An important detail because strong vibrations can reduce the elasticity of the cork and this would lead to the entry of air.
And what would be the conclusion?
The oxidation of the wine. That’s why just for the reduced vibrations this is a product to buy, all the more reason considering the not high purchase cost[here you can find out the price]. If instead you want to read the review we wrote, click on Tristar WR 7508.

Best silent mini fridge

Do you want to place your mini fridge in your bedroom? Would you rightly want to rest in peace without being disturbed by its noise?

We have just the thing for you. With its noise level of only 30 db, the Klarstein Manhattan will not disturb your sleep. It also boasts a decent capacity ( 35 litres) and thanks to the internal light, the contents inside the fridge will always be clearly visible. Inside it’s roomy, outside it’s shiny. A design that really stands out. It will not be a simple appliance, it will be a piece of furniture.
Yes, but how much does it cost?
You can find out the price by clicking here.

Best 12V and 220V mini fridge

Do you need a mini fridge that can be used with both 12 Volt and 220 Volt sockets?

Then our advice is to opt for the Mobicool W48 AC DC cooler that also boasts wheels so you can carry it as if you had a trolley. The capacity of the cooler is 48 liters. It wasn’t easy to choose because there are various models of the same brand, as well as the Mobicool V30 (28 liters).

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