Thermoelectric mini fridge: discover how it works, the advantages and the models

Thermoelectric mini fridge unlike compressor refrigerators is less powerful. It can reach lower temperatures (in fact, such models cannot be used for freezing) and their level of cooling is influenced by the outside temperature. However, these types also have more advantages over mini fridges with compressors, and it is precisely the absence of the latter that leads to the creation of smaller, lighter, cheaper and quieter fridges.
These differences between the two types, we will return to this subject later (for further clarification) and we will also focus on the operation of mini fridges without compressors and our buying advice.

Thermoelectric fridge: how does it work?

The operation is based on Peltier cells, i.e. plates that absorb heat on one side and release it on the other. Thanks to the heat sinks, the “hot part” is maintained at room temperature, while the “cold part” is used to make our drinks or food cooler.
This is how a mini fridge without a compressor works.

Thermoelectric fridge or with compressor?

Are you still in doubt?
You’re not quite sure whether a thermoelectric fridge is right for you?

Let’s remove the last doubts with some simple examples:
Are you looking for a cooler with a high cooling capacity? That can cool quickly regardless of the outside temperature?
In this case, the solution can only be a mini fridge with a compressor. As mentioned, it is the most efficient type. It cools drinks and food optimally because the heat does not affect its efficiency. So, if, for example, you have to keep peas frozen, it will keep them even if it’s 40° outside.

The opposite of the thermoelectric fridge which is influenced by the outside temperature. If it’s 40° outside, well your drinks inside will never be super cold. They will be cooled to -15/-20° (this varies depending on the capacity of your cooler). So, in your fridge it will be maybe 25°. Of course this is just an example, because outside it can be really 40°, but if you leave the cooler in a place out of the sun, the cooling of the drinks will be better than the 25° mentioned above. Of course, still not up to the standard of compressor models.

And after reading this paragraph you just have to answer the last question: what are you really looking for?
A powerful fridge that cools at the desired temperature in all circumstances or a cheaper and easier to carry fridge that keeps the food inside cold enough?
If you are looking for a real fridge/freezer the choice is one: compressor cooler. If not, the choice is the second one: fridge without compressor.

4-litre mini fridge without compressor: we recommend the Klarstein Bella Taverna

If you just want a small fridge to store a few cans of your favourite drink, then the Klarstein Bella Taverna is the solution for you. Refrigerator that already pleases at first sight, because of a really nice vintage design. In addition, it is a product with dual use. This is because it can also be used for heating.
Would you also like to find out all the other features of this mini fridge without compressor?
Then click on Bella Taverna.

Thermoelectric car fridge: we recommend the Mobicool T08 DC

The Mobicool T08 DC is a perfect mini car fridge, as it can be firmly attached to the seats, this is thanks to the fixing system that fits on the seat belt of your car.
Of course, the cooler can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and boasts two convenient cup holders. In addition, the Mobicool T08-DC portable cooler is also suitable for heating.

Thermoelectric 29 litre portable cooler: we recommend the Mobicool V30

The Mobicool V30 cooler can be connected to both a 12-volt and a 230-volt power supply system. Therefore, it boasts a dual power supply, which allows us to use it both when we are in the car and when we are at home. Good cooling thanks to the double ventilation system (cools down to -18°C compared to room temperature).
Low energy consumption product(class A++).
Do you want to know more about this mini fridge without compressor by Mobicool ?
Then click on V30 cooler and find out the price and all the other features.

Thermoelectric 32-litre mini fridge for the home: we recommend the Klarstein Happy Hour

Would you like a 32-litre stationary mini fridge with thermoelectric cooling system? Would you like it to be absolutely silent?

Then the Klarstein Happy Hour is the cooler that will win you over, as it is an electric mini fridge that is not only quiet, but also stylish.
In addition, the internal temperature can be regulated at(5 setting levels).

Thermoelectric fridge with dual cooling system: we recommend the Reserva Saloon

The Klarstein Reserva Saloon stands out from other mini thermoelectric refrigerators because it has a dual cooling system. That is, the cooler is divided into two independent zones. In one you can for example cool drinks to a temperature of 8°C, and in the other zone you can set a different temperature.
The Klarstein Reserva Saloon also looks great(find out more about design, price and featureshere ).

Thermoelectric 39 litre portable fridge: we recommend the Mobicool Q40 AC DC

What immediately strikes you about the Mobicool Q40 AC DC thermoelectric cooler is its aluminium design, which makes it particularly shock-resistant. In addition, it can be powered by either 12V or 230V.
The interior space allows you to put two 2-liter bottles standing up, then of course the rest of the space will be occupied by other drinks or other food. By the way, thanks to the dividing grid you can separate food from drinks. Interested in finding out all about this mini electric fridge without compressor?Then you can click on Mobicool Q40 AC DC.

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