Tristar KB 7245: fridge with good thermal insulation

The purchase of a small portable refrigerator with excellent cooling capacity allows us to have with us always fresh drinks. Only that the electric models are performing mainly when they are connected to the network. When disconnected there is a serious risk that the poor thermal insulation makes, in a very short time, undrinkable drinks inside. Well, this will not happen with the Tristar KB 7245 because this mini fridge is also well insulated. This allows you to have cool drinks even after a few hours that the small cooler is no longer powered. For a longer duration of coolness we also recommend placing ice inside.
When electrically powered the Tristar KB 7245 can cool down to -37°C from room temperature. You choose the level of freshness by adjusting the thermostat.

Tristar Mini Frigorifero KB-7245

Tristar Mini Refrigerator KB-7245

  • Capacity: 41 L
  • Capacity: two 2L bottles
  • Cooling capacity below room temperature up to: 37° Celsius
  • Compression system
  • Energy class A+; Voltage: 230 Volt; Integrated handles; Also suitable for camping; Stainless steel front plate; Plastic body; Dimensions: 58 x 53 x 51,5 cm; Weight: 16,3 kg

Tristar KB7245 mini fridge: energy class A+!

We’ve written about how the Tristar KB 7245 is an electrically-powered mini fridge that can keep drinks cold even after we unplug it from the 230-volt plug. But of course it’s also important to know:
But how much does it consume when connected to the mains?
We can answer with good news, since this small cooler is part of the A+ class. One of the most energy-efficient classes. Consequently, there is no need to worry about excessive increases in the bill, there will be none (if not slight).
And now here’s a list of all the other features of this excellent portable mini fridge:

  • Capacity of 41 liters: inside you can put 2-liter bottles.
  • Solid plastic design with stainless steel front plate: the integrated lid is also very solid and protects the cold inside the fridge well.
  • Fridge with compressor: despite the presence of the compressor, the Tristar fridge does not prove to be noisy, in fact the decibel level is 40 (therefore a totally bearable level).
  • Estimated consumption of 109 kWh / year.
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 58 x 53 cm.
  • Weight: 16.3 kg.
  • Integrated handles for easy transport of the Tristar mini fridge.

Tristar KB 7245 fridge: why should we prefer it to other models?

We should prefer the mini fridge Tristar KB 7245 to other models suitable for camping (also with a similar capacity) because this cooler has a good thermal insulation. Disconnecting the mini fridge from the mains will not mean that the drinks will become cold in no time. Moreover, compared to other small refrigerators, it consumes less because it is part of the A+ class. That’s significantly less consumption than all those class B models still on the market today.
For these reasons, the Tristar KB7245 has convinced us and we consider it a model suitable for a small family or perhaps for a group of friends who go camping. And if you want to check that the product in question is still available today, just click here.

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