Tristar mini fridge: models and prices of wine cellars too

The Tristar mini fridge is available in two different types: fixed and portable. The main difference is not so much in size, since both are not so bulky appliances, but in the possibility of being able to take advantage of a special handle that allows easy transport (feature that are equipped with portable models). To differentiate the two products also a different design and other features that we will discover in this article. We’ll also talk about the Tristar wine cooler.

Tristar mini fridge: review and prices of the best models

Before seeing the differences between a Tristar mini fridge fixed and a portable one, let’s find out which are the best models of this brand. Below, in the special table below, you can already evaluate their prices. If you want to know more about each appliance, just click on the links below the images of the three mini fridge Tristar or, if you are interested in the Tristar wr7508, below is the link to read our in-depth review.

  • Tristar wr 7508

Tristar fixed mini fridge: equipped with a freezer

What characterizes the mini fridge Tristar fixed is meanwhile the design from the white color that makes the appliance pleasing to the eye already. But what is even more important is the presence of the freezer (not present in other types). Freezer that in the Tristar KB-7352-45 has a capacity of 5 liters[discover here the Tristar KB-7352-45 cooler].
Also available is the drawer where you can put your vegetables and the bottle compartment.

You can also place the Tristar mini fridge in your bedroom, as it boasts a very low noise level (about 39 db but check this data in every appliance of this brand because it could also vary).
Consumption is really low since we’re talking about an A+ energy class fridge. There’s no need to worry even in case of a momentary power failure, as the fridge is designed to resist and keep food cold for several hours.

Tristar Portable Fridge: even for hot dishes

The great advantage of the Tristar portable mini fridge is not only that you can always carry it with you thanks to the practical handle, but it is also useful to put inside hot food to enjoy, perhaps, when we go camping. So, it can be used for two very different reasons. And if the lid bothers you, there is no problem as it can be removed easily. If you don’t want someone to open it, you can lock it with apadlock.
Capacity, design and weight vary depending on the portable fridge you choose [please evaluate this model].

Tristar Wine Cellar: perfect for wine lovers

Elegant, capacious and with adjustable temperature through the touch controls. Temperature that is clearly shown on the led display. These are the characteristics that distinguish the Tristar wine cellar.
Even in this case we must repeat ourselves with regard to some specifications: capacity, size and price vary depending on the wine cellar that you intend to buy. For this reason we suggest you click here to view the available models and find out how much they cost.

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