Tristar WR 7508: mini fridge with low vibrations

Are you a wine lover?

Would you like to be able to store your wine in a mini fridge (also called cantinetta) with an elegant design?

Then we recommend the purchase of the mini fridge Tristar WR 7508.
Let’s start from the simple and linear design that fits well in any environment of your home. The door has a 4mm tempered glass, which allows you to see the bottles placed inside. The touch screen to set the temperature is very simple and intuitive.

But let’s talk now about what is the most valuable feature of the Tristar WR 7508 wine cellar, that is the reduced vibrations. This feature, which may seem trivial, is actually necessary if you want to preserve your precious bottles. The vibrations, in fact, tend to stress the cork that, losing elasticity, could cause the entry of air inside the bottle that would oxidize the wine and that, even, could contaminate it with bacteria. All this is avoided by the thermal cooling system that, in fact, manages to minimize the vibrations.

Tristar WR-7508 Cantinetta 8 Bottiglie

Tristar WR-7508 8-Bottle Wine Cellar

  • The wine cellar holds up to 8 bottles with a capacity of 21 liters
  • Cools down to 16°C below room temperature
  • Does not take up too much space, given the dimensions of: 52 x 25.4 x 46.5 cm
  • Fully equipped, e.g. with LED display with temperature indicator and touchscreen
  • Includes water tray, three adjustable legs and three chrome shelves

Tristar WR-7508: 16° cooling level!

You may be wondering: what is the cooling level?
The cooling level indicates the ability of your electric mini fridge to lower the temperature compared to the ambient temperature. In the case of the Tristar WR 7508 wine cooler, the temperature is lowered to 16° below room temperature. This ensures the freshness and proper storage of your wine.
The cooling level of -16 ° C is not the only advantage of the mini fridge Tristar WR 7508 in fact below you can read all the technical features.

  • Capacity 21 litres: capacity to store up to 8 bottles of wine.
  • Energy consumption class A+, so the consumption is really low. We speak of an annual consumption of only 93 kwh.
  • Internal light: turns on automatically when the door is opened. Obviously, it can also be deactivated.
  • Weighs only 9.5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 52 x 25.6 x 46.5 cm.
  • Self-thawing function.
  • LED display: where you can see the temperature inside the mini fridge. With the touch buttons, you can change the temperature.
  • Supplied with three chrome bottle holders.
  • Removable shelves: to optimize the space as you like.
  • Noise level 35 db: so we are talking about a silent mini fridge.
  • Tray for the collection of any condensation that may form.

Tristar WR-7508: price and reviews

The Tristar WR 7508 is an excellent solution for those who want to store bottles of wine at the right temperature and in a good-looking wine cellar. And we recommend the purchase because in addition to consuming little (being a class A+ cooler) and also not very noisy. This is an advantage not to be overlooked, given that many models are really noisy and, consequently, unbearable.
And let’s not forget that the low vibrations make the Tristar cooler suitable for storing wine.
Another fact we appreciated is the price, which is not at all excessive. Cost that you’ll have the opportunity to review here with the opinions of those who have already purchased the Tristar WR 7508 wine cooler.

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