White mini fridge: our buying tips and offers

The white mini fridge would go perfectly with your home decor and you’re looking for a model that is, yes, white in color, but boasts an elegant desgn?

Or maybe you’d like one in this color to match your hotel rooms?

Whatever the need, on this page you will be able to evaluate some of the most beautiful white mini refrigerators. Of such coolers you will discover all the features and also the prices. And there will also be no shortage of offers in this article for you to evaluate and take advantage of.

17 litre white mini bar fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Geheimversteck

The name is almost unpronounceable, but luckily we never have to call it by its name. Jokes aside, the Klarstein Geheimversteck is not only popular because of its simple and compact design, but also because you can install it anywhere. It’s not noisy anyway. As a result, it could be the ideal solution for those who need to buy more mini fridges to put in the various rooms of the hotel. Also because it doesn’t consume so much since it is part of the A+ class.
The interior is divided into two shelves with the grill that is removable and you can also adjust the temperature from 4°C up to 15°C.
Do you now want to find out the design and price of the Klarstein Geheimversteck? Click here.

35 litre white mini bar fridge: we recommend the Klarstein Manhattan

Another model of the well-known company Klarstein and, compared to the white mini fridge mentioned above, the real difference lies in the internal capacity. Since in this case it is a 35-liter cooler. So it is more capacious and also larger than the previous one. Otherwise, however, there are no other substantial differences, since even with the Klarstein Manhattan (click on the link for the full review) it is quiet, energy efficient(class A+) and with adjustable temperature. The door is reversible.

42 litre white mini bar fridge: we recommend the Severin KS 9827

If you’d like a larger white mini bar fridge, then you’re in for a treat with the Severin KS 9827. Actual internal volume of 42 liters that are divided as follows: 36 liters for the refrigerator department and 6 liters for the freezer department. So, the substantial difference between this product and the others mentioned does not only concern the internal capacity, but also the presence of the freezer.
And if you want to find out price and more features, click here.

67 litres white mini bar fridge: we recommend the Ardes ar5i67

The Ardes ar5i67 boasts a remarkable 67 litre capacity. This white mini fridge bar is ideal for those looking for a model with ample space for food and drinks. In addition, it boasts a small ice container which is, in fact, only for ice, nothing else.
The grills inside can be removed to gain space or you can put them at different heights. And if you want to evaluate the aesthetic and economic aspect of this mini fridge, click on Ardes ar5i67.

110 Litre Stationary Mini Fridge: We recommend the PremierTech PT-F110

The PremierTech PT-F110 is a white stationary mini fridge more capacious than those mentioned so far. Ideal for home use or even to put it in the office. It is not noisy and above all is low energy consumption, not surprisingly the energy class to which it belongs is A++.
Present a freezer compartment of 17 liters and a compartment for fruits and vegetables. The grill can be placed at different heights, in addition to the fact that it can also be removed.
Interested in buying the PremierTech PT-F110?
Click here and find out, on the site to which you will be redirected, if it is still available.

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